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vEZY is Europe's Busiest Virtual Airline with almost 200 PIREPs filed every day! Join our community full of passionate flight simmers, and experienced staff. Based on the vAMSYS platform, vEZY offers you a wide network with plenty of destinations to explore, including planning aids for every destination on the network. As a non-seniority based virtual airline, vEZY does not withhold certain routes or fleet types from pilots with lower ranks, despite having a structured rank system which allows you to grow your experience as you gain hours at the VA. See you in the virtual sky!

What makes us special?

We have been disrupting the way Virtual Airlines are run since we were founded in 2016, vEZY is the innovator, the limit pusher, the constantly evolving player to stay ahead of the competition. vEZY is the only VA to offer you airline-specific detailed flight planning tools including detailed briefs for every destination on our network, with guide images for the more difficult approaches! vEZY offers pilots its own airline-specific checklist and detailed SOP/FCOM with over 200 pages to guide you every step of the way. vEZY also offers its pilots a custom flight dispatching tool which matches real performance figures for each specific aircraft, saving you from creating 100's of profiles in simBrief, and making your VA experience at vEZY has close to the real company as possible.

We are the can-do virtual airline on the VA landscape, continually introducing new event types, new resources, and pushing the boundaries for what's possible with VAs. Join now to become part of an engaging community and speak to people with real-world experience, and enjoy what we have to offer for yourself!

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Reviews (12)

  • Alberto | EZY18689
    Apr 7th 2023

    I have to recommend this airline. They don't force you to fly, and that's very important for me because many times you don't have the time available and here you enjoy when you can and you have time. Very easy handling on the web page, in the discord they help you a lot, and they always answer your questions. In my head I was not going to join any virtual airline, but my friend Tveo, encouraged me to do it and the truth is that I am very happy to be here. Don't think twice, join

  • Mr Gary Thistlethwaite | EZY1273
    Mar 29th 2023

    I recently had the pleasure of flying with vEZY Europe's Busiest Virtual Airline, and I was truly impressed with their commitment to delivering an exceptional virtual flying experience. Their website is easy to navigate and provides all the necessary information for a smooth booking process. Their fleet of virtual aircraft is diverse and includes a range of popular aircraft models, making it easy to find a flight that suits your preferences. The airline also offers a wide range of routes and destinations, including both short and long-haul flights, so you can explore different parts of the world from the comfort of your own home. What really sets vEZY Europe's Busiest Virtual Airline apart is their attention to detail and commitment to realism. Their flight simulations are incredibly realistic, complete with accurate weather conditions and realistic sound effects. The airline's virtual crew members are knowledgeable and professional, providing a level of service that is second to none. Overall, I highly recommend vEZY Europe's Busiest Virtual Airline for anyone looking for a high-quality virtual flying experience. Whether you're a seasoned virtual pilot or a beginner, vEZY Europe's Busiest Virtual Airline provides a fun and immersive experience that you won't soon forget.

    • vEZY
      Apr 1st 2023
      Thank you very much Gary for the thorough and kind review. Glad you’re enjoying the VA and thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts it’s much appreciated!
  • Alex | Alex
    Feb 6th 2023

    A great airline to fly with, excellent variety of routes which you will never get bored of, active staff who are constantly looking to update the airline. Routes are mirrored to the real world, including winter and summer schedules. Their SOP's are second to none, with immense detail which is great to enhance your simulator experience. Overall an excellent group of people who are always up for socialising on their discord!

    • vEZY
      Apr 1st 2023
      Thank you Alex for taking the time to write such a nice review. Glad you enjoy the VA, it’s great to have you around!
  • Reece Bolton | Reece Bolton
    Feb 4th 2023

    Absolutely smashing VA to fly with, very much enjoy the warm community over on Discord. I joined in August 22, wish I had found them sooner and got many more hours with them - the SOP's, airport briefs, seasonal destinations and amazingly friendly and knowledgable senior members really brings it all together. Only been with them 6 months and I already feel part of the furniture, all of my flight time now is spent contributing my hours to this virtual airline, its great being on VATSIM and hearing fellow vEZY pilots taking to the skies. Highly recommend!

    • vEZY
      Apr 1st 2023
      Thanks very much for the kind words Reece. Hope you continue to enjoy being a part of the VA, it’s great to have you around!

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