Simply Transporting Cargo Around the World

Welcome to DHL Europe Virtual. Here at vDHL we operate a wide service around Europe that supplies cargo. DHL is a real airline that is based around the world and continues it services in terms of post, packages and much more. The European sector of DHL is most popular in Germany with it's aircraft based in Leipzig. From Leipzig, the European cargo then gets connected around the world to countries such as Australia, India, Singapore and many more. Some of the busy airports in Europe for DHL are East Midlands, Leipzig, Edinburgh, Keflavik and Madrid.

What makes us special?

Here at vDHL Virtual we are a very formal airline that operates with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and we follow the real world regulations to keep the simulation at a minimum. If you would like to join us and fly cargo for us, you must be able to fly and fully know how to fly any aircraft in our fleet (stated below this sentence) and you need to know ATC, we prefer that you fly on VATSIM as well. However if you are using other 3rd party software such as Beyond ATC, then this is acceptable too.

Callsigns Prefixes used by vDHL:


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Launch Date: 2023-09-22

Airline Types

Cargo Airline

Aircraft Types

A306 | Airbus A300-600

A30B | Airbus A300B2, A300B4, and A300C4

A321 | Airbus A321

A333 | Airbus A330-300

AT76 | Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 72-600

B733 | Boeing 737-300

B734 | Boeing 737-400

B738 | Boeing 737-800

B744 | Boeing 747-400

B748 | Boeing 747-8I

B752 | Boeing 757-200

B762 | Boeing 767-200

B763 | Boeing 767-300

B77L | Boeing 777-200 Freighter

Supported Sims

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

P3d v4

P3d v5

X-Plane 11

Supported Networks










Pilot Training

Real-World Schedules