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FlyLumo is a NEW ultra low cost airline for 2023, with 9 UK bases, and many more hubs around the world. We are an inclusive airline with a mission to build a 'social' flying community that is supportive and allows anyone, of any ability, to fall in love with flight sim. You can choose to fly our expansive schedule, fly our range of exciting tours or, if don't fancy any of that, book a charter flight and go where you like! Alongside in-house training, and an IVAO focused community, FlyLumo is getting you there for the lowest fare!

What makes us special?

We want to let everyone enjoy the beauty of flight sim. Therefore, you can join us with any level of experience and enjoy the airline in your own way. You can fly our real world schedules, fly our tours and events, or go where you like with SimBrief Charter Flights. This year we are setting up in-house pilot training, as well as being affiliated with IVAO for our online social flying. The VA is ran be a range of staff members, some being LGBTQ+, and we encourage diversity in our community.

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Reviews (6)

  • Jetmagic | Jetmagic
    Aug 15th 2023

    Proud to be a member of the FlyLumo group.. Inclusive, supportive and mostly so much fun. If you're looking for a VA with adaptability and frankly a blummin great time than look no further.. always up for suggestions and a great fleet of freeware and payware aircraft FlyLumo really is the place to be.. :) we look forward to welcoming you here soon

  • Michael Rubendall | Mike LMJ4375
    Jun 14th 2023

    As staff, my review is of course a bit biased. However, being brand new to the world of VA's, I don't think a better one could have fallen into my lap. The community we are building, here at FlyLumo, is one focused on inclusivity, with many of our staff and membership being a part of the LGBTQ+ community and, we're all just here to have a good time! Are you a veteran sim pilot? Brand new to the world of VA's, Online ATC, and flight tracking, just like me? We want you! Our flight deck doors are open to anyone, from all walks of life. We offer an extensive, growing roster, if route planning isn't your thing. If you DO want to plan your own flight from DEP to ARR, go for it! We don't pin you down to the routes we pre-plan. Want to fly an aircraft outside the company fleet? No problem! The community is very active, even out of the cockpit! Our Director, James, live streams some of his flights, and we've got a very active Discord community where we all chill and chat, and help each other out. Staff are nearly always available, for questions. What are you waiting for? Get in a plane and help us "Get you there for the lowest fare"!

  • Dave Richards | LMJ2486
    May 13th 2023

    Great airline to fly for , plenty of schedules / events / tours too choose from. Staff are very helpful if you need help. You don't have to fly the schedules you can fly what ever route you like that's what i like about this VA. Come and give us a try you wont regret it.

    • FlyLumo
      May 14th 2023
      Thanks Dave for your review. It makes me really happy that you enjoy flying for our virtual airline, and enjoy the fact that we have freedom to fly where you like with our Charter flights. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time with us.
  • Bradley Stuckey | LMJ4145
    May 13th 2023

    Awesome airline to fly with, staff are quick to answer any queries, flight tracking software is one of the best out there. I highly recommend FlyLumo as a VA.

    • FlyLumo
      May 13th 2023
      Thankyou Bradley for a great review. I am really glad that you enjoy your experience with us, and the quick staff response. I am also glad you like our flight tracking tools. Thanks for being a part of our community.

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