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FlyBus Virtual Airlines was founded in 2020 out of London Southend Airport. Starting as 9 routes with 3 A320Neo's. Today, we have grown into a worldwide force with over 15,000 routes, using 35+ subfleets and various subsidiaries across the globe including Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Connect, Cargo and Charter.

What makes us special?

FlyBus Virtual Airlines are a fictional airline, yet proud themselves on being a realistic outfit. We have 15,000+ flights worldwide (across on our airlines), various tours, assignments, weekly training and group flights. You'll never be bored being a FlyBus pilot.

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  • Jon | FBV2566
    May 5th 2023

    Great VA to use. Nice people, great looking liveries, opportunity to fly a wide range of aircraft anywhere in the world, and with a cool financial model underneath that adds some commercial realism to how you fly and perform.

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Launch Date: 2020-12-30

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